About Harwich

Harwich is a historic seaport in the district of Tendring in the far north eastern corner of Essex in the UK. The old town occupies a promontory that commands the estuaries of the rivers Stour and Orwell which gave it great maritime significance, controlling the only safe anchorage between the Thames and the Humber.

Today the old town is joined by housing to the nearby town of Dovercourt and the villages of Parkeston, Ramsey and Little Oakley and whilst this often leads to the whole area being referred to as Harwich the old town itself still has a charm and character all of its own.

In the days of sail the harbour would often be full of ships waiting for the wind to change which meant that the town was full of sailors and all the trades and professions required to build ships and keep them at sea. Thus the town was a thriving and bustling place and was often noted for having the highest density of pubs in the land.

Changing times have seen many pubs close but Harwich still has its fair share and, of course, a rich and fascinating history that is still very much alive in the old streets today.

There is definitely still something magical about the town and you don't need to reach out far to feel the history whether you're watching the pub fire flicker in winter or enjoying a pint alfresco on a warm summer's evening.

This site is designed to help you explore the town, unlock some of its secrets and explore its hidden gems. The town always offers a warm welcome and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Historic Harwich Pub Trail is a collaboration between the Tendring Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale and the Harwich Society.
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